CFP – Un/Earthing Digital Humanities panel proposed for ASLE, June 23-27, University of Idaho

admin 20/10/2014
Photo of tree roots

Photo by Flickr user mark sebastian, used under Creative Commons Licensing.

Few would consider the digital humanities an underground movement. And yet, much of what digital humanists do is perceived as inaccessible, buried beneath layers of technical expertise and politics. Riffing on the theme of the 2015 conference, this panel seeks both to “unearth” and to “earth” digital humanities practices in the context of environmental criticism. That is, we aim to bring to the surface existing environmentally-informed approaches to digital scholarship and to ground digital humanities in and through ecocritical perspectives. Topics of presentations or performances may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecocritical digital humanities projects and tools
  • Environmental impacts of technology
  • Digital humanities and sustainability
  • Creative works that engage both the digital and the environmental
  • Digital archives of environmental literature
  • Text mining and other metaphors of unearthing in the digital humanities
  • Distant reading ecosystems or environments (fictional or real)
  • Ecomateriality of digital objects

Please send paper title, abstract (300 words), and CV to Alicia Peaker (apeaker[at]middlebury[dot]edu) by November 21st. Potential panelists will be notified by December 1st.

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